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About us

Panopticon Solutions is a leading security and cabling systems integrator and monitoring company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are dedicated to providing top-tier, tailored audiovisual access control, security and surveillance services to the government, institutional, retail, residential, and industrial markets.

Our team gathers seasoned installation and maintenance specialists, expert system designers and observant customer support professionals. We foster innovation and thrive in challenging environments, approaching every project with attention to detail and a customer-oriented attitude.

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What makes us

Over 10 Years of industry experience

We’ve serviced the greater toronto area for nearly a decade, designing and upgrading security, surveillance, and IT systems and maintaining equipment and software for optimal performance.

CANASA-member service provider

Panopticon Solutions is a member of the canadian security association, an organization developing non-profit standards and certifying companies compliant with prescribed industry standards.

Made-to-order systems and solutions

We carefully inspect your property to design solutions suitable for your needs. Regardless of the project scope, we guarantee high-quality, bespoke services and on-time delivery within budget.

Panopticon services

We collaborate with individuals, businesses, and organizations to solve pressing technology, IT and communication needs and overcome existing and potential challenges. Our services include:

Network cabling installation & maintenance

Our expert technicians design and install reliable wireless networks, fibre optic cabling, and structured wiring for your business.

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IT Relocation Services
panopticon solutions

Audio & video installation & maintenance

From audio and video system deployment to IP distribution and AV automation, Panopticon provides various bespoke, lasting AV solutions.

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Video conferencing solutions

We set up your video conferencing, zoom, and microsoft team rooms to ensure your business communication is always clear and uninterrupted.

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Security systems installation & maintenance

We help you deter criminal activities and protect your business by setting up robust alarm systems, video surveillance, and access control.

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Server room setup & maintenance

Panopticon is your go-to provider for server installation and clean-ups. We keep your data storage rooms and equipment in optimal shape.

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More installation services

Our specialized services include automation, cloud storage setup, nest pro installation, and advanced cannabis industry solutions.

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Our mission

We make it our business to reliably and efficiently service our clients with innovative technology, providing top-tier customized solutions and unparalleled customer experience. Our main objective is to understand your needs and outline detailed plans to help you overcome security issues and streamline communication processes.

We help you grasp complex, versatile network solutions to create a system you can comfortably use and benefit from. By assigning dedicated experts with specialized skill sets to your projects, Panopticon alleviates the pressure new technology brings to the table, allowing you to focus on core activities that grow your business.

Our vision

Panopticon Solutions strives to continuously improve its expertise and scope of technical solutions in an increasingly evolving world. By leveraging our dedication to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, we follow the pace of technological advancements to create new opportunities and better products and services.

We aim to contribute to creating a safer, more productive, and more connected community where every organization can realize its full potential. For Panopticon, excellence means transparency, integrity, a problem-solving attitude, and outstanding service quality.

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A proud member of the canadian security association

Our company’s meticulous approach and service quality ensured we get membership for the canadian security association (CANASA), the regulatory body representing the majority of the electronic security service providers in Canada.

CANASA is an organization that has developed industry standards and certified more than 1,300 security and surveillance companies, including the vast majority of ontario’s security installation industry leaders.

Cabling installations and security services are governed by fire codes, low voltage regulations and other safety standards. All CANASA members are certified for confirmed compliance with these requirements.


The Canadian Security Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1977 to facilitate security industry advancement. The association protects the interests of its members and elevates the safety of all canadian citizens through promotion, education, and advocacy.

CANASA certifies the industry standards and continuously oversees if its members adhere to them. Companies that don’t comply with any of the proposed regulations are immediately suspended from the organization.

CANASA is committed to maintaining high standards and works hard to build a bridge between the authorities with relevant jurisdictions such as the police, fire department, first responders who deal with alarms, and many more.

The philosophy behind

What sets us apart from the competition is the ideology that creates a solid groundwork for our services. Panopticon’s founding philosophy and name are inspired by the principles and design concepts of the 18th-century visionary and social reformer Jeremy Bentham.

Bentham proposed an architectural construct applicable to several public institutions. He outlined a design for a circular building serving as the hub of a larger compound, allowing managers to oversee the activities of the unskilled workforce, patients, and inmates.

Bentham's concept was practical, cost-effective, and aptly named Panopticon (derived from the greek word panoptes, meaning “all-seeing”). It introduced the idea of a single location or observatory that gives a broad view of the activity on the grounds for an affordable price—the payment for a single security guard.

Comprehensive security, cost-effective investment

As Bentham did, the Panopticon team firmly believes surveillance should allow our clients to become the “all-seeing observers” at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. With the use of innovative technology and modern equipment, and cabling, we continue to make this vision a reality for current and prospective clients.

We know that the safety of your property and its inhabitants is your top priority and must never become a burden you can’t afford. Our business revolves around keeping property and people safe, helping you connect with the world, monitor performances, and streamline processes.

Panopticon Solutions is a dependable network infrastructure provider who will recommend a strategy for your budget, providing transparent insights, thorough monitoring and swift support. We strive to understand your needs and goals to find a way to help.


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