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Access control

Installing an access control in Ontario is a great way to improve the security of your business. These systems can help you keep track of all activities, and can also be used to restrict access to certain areas of your property. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Access Control in Ontario

Services we for provide access control in Ontario

Panopticon delivers scalable access control systems and services to meet your business security objectives. Our systems offer different access levels to relevant individuals, ensuring efficacy and ease of operation.

Access Control is integral for keeping your business venue secure. Biometric scanning technologies and traditional ID scanning systems and keypads allow you to prevent unwanted access to any given location.

Business zoning allows the system to control different role-based access levels, and we make sure your access control setup is easy to understand and manage.

Access Control in Ontario

Remote access control in Ontario

Monitor and restrict access to a computer or a network anytime, from any place, or allow remote access to key employees to enable them to work outside the office. Our remote access control setup can be easily integrated into your existing system.

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Door & gate access control

Easily regulates access to doors and gates through the combined use of software and electronic d of keys, allow access to restricted areas to those with a special card, a fob or other credentials, including NFC-enabled smartphones.

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Access Control in Ontario
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Biometric access control in Ontario

Biometric access control systems are one of the market's most popular access control options. Our biometric readers rely on fingerprint patterns or retina to restrict or allow access to an area, helping you keep your data safe.

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License plate access control

License plate recognition software is necessary for businesses, especially in the transportation industry. Control parking lots on your premises and get real-time updates about vehicles coming and going while keeping historical records for future queries.

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Access Control in Ontario
Access Control in Ontario

Access control system installation process

To ensure our solutions and services fit your space and needs like a glove, we begin the installation process by carefully inspecting your premises and existing setups. We consider your requirements and the features of your working environment to design the perfect solution to protect your data from intrusions and theft.

Our technicians foster a focused, detail-oriented approach to planning and executing every project, especially around security. We’re fully dedicated to providing advanced, secure, personalized solutions for your business in the Greater Toronto Area.

Why choose panopticon professional installers?

Panopticon possesses a decade-long experience, technical knowledge, and quality equipment to provide reliable access control in Ontario that respond to any requirement. From a single door application to complex enterprise access control setups, we can tackle any project you send our way.

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Quality services

Access control in Ontario requires detailed preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support when you need it most, guaranteeing the efficacy of your access control.


Experienced team

Our Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle your access control project, regardless of your space and budget.

Applications for access control in Ontario

Industrial sector

Panopticon Solutions provides unmatched access control installation services, serving industries like construction, automotive, telecommunications, and computer networks. Proud of our decade-long experience, we guarantee professional-grade solutions and seamless customer support.


Panopticon is a highly rated access control installation company. While you take care of production, supply, and process efficiency, we’ll provide state-of-the-art equipment to keep your warehouse secure. Whether you need to upgrade your existing system or want a completely new set up, our technicians are available to make it happen.

Smart warehouses

Access control systems boost internal warehouse security by limiting employee access based on permissions to certain areas, allowing you to grant and withdraw access instantly at any time. Panopticon provides access control services for smart warehouses, including professional installation, upkeep, and repairs.

Distribution centres

Our skilled technicians are experienced in installing and maintaining access control systems for logistics and distribution centres. With Panopticon’s expert access control services, you get total security 24 hours a day. Encode the identity carrier and choose which parts of your building different people can access.

Commercial sector

Panopticon provides reputable access control installation services for businesses across the GTA. At Panopticon Solutions, we use tried-and- tested methods to set up the fastest and most reliable access control from engineering to maintenance. From site survey and design to installation and network aftercare, our team is always here to help.

Healthcare sector

Panopticon provides professional access control services to various medical establishments like hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices, pharmacies, and more. In addition to security and compliance requirements, access controls help your medical facility safeguard records and set up no-touch access.

Hospitality sector

Offer your customers a greater degree of security, satisfaction and convenience. We have everything you need to equip your hospitality enterprise with innovative solutions in the field of access control. Access control coupled with energy-saving sensors can significantly reduce electricity consumption and costs.


Panopticon provides first-rate access control installation services for the transportation industry. We offer unmatched services developed from ourdecade-long experience. Panopticon is dedicated to using technology that fosters growth and innovation and maximizes output and efficiency.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Access control represents a security method that allows businesses and organizations to manage access to specific areas of the premises, corporate data, or resources. Access control can also limit physical access to entire buildings, campuses, and rooms.

Access control requires verification with versatile login credentials, from passwords and PINs to security tokens and biometric scans to allow people to enter certain spaces or view restricted data. Access control systems also commonly rely on MFA (multi-factor authentication), requesting the user to adequately respond to several different authentication methods to receive access.

There are four main types of access control: DAC, MAC, RBAC, and ABAC.

DAC or discretionary access control allows the system administrator to set the policies regarding access. MAC or mandatory access control grants access on information clearance, meaning that a central authority regulates access taking into account specific security levels.

RBAC or role-based access control considers business functions, not a person’s identity. This means that only individuals in certain roles can access certain premises or information, and the system is designed as a combination of authorizations, role-specific assignments, and permissions.

Lastly, the dynamic ABAC or attribute-based access control allows access only considering sets of pre-defined attributes and conditions.

Access control is managed through five elemental components: authentication, authorization, access, management, and audit.

Authentication establishes the identity of a user, and, although it’s the first step in the access control process, it’s not sufficient to protect organizations’ data or premises. That’s where authorization comes in, adding an extra layer of security by specifying access rights and privileges.

Identity verification occurs once an individual has completed the authentication and authorization steps, granting access to the resource or a room restricted to others.

Organizations manage their access control systems by adding and removing authentication and authorization. They can then commence the access control audit, enforcing the principle of least privilege to gather data on an individual’s activity and analyze it to discover potential access violations.

Access control is essential for businesses as it reduces security risks by protecting what matters most: valuable company data that isn’t meant for everyone to see.

Allowing rooms and information to be freely accessed by anyone makes companies vulnerable to data theft, privacy breaches, and hacking. A business can also suffer due to a violation of protection data laws.

Benefits of implementing access control systems are countless, the most notable among them being:

  • Improved data monitoring and protection;
  • Facilitating the offboarding processes;
  • Clear insight into who looks at your data;
  • Ease of adding, removing, and modifying user permissions;
  • Improving regulatory compliance with data privacy laws.

CCTV access control is an integrated setup consisting of two security systems. It combines the best features of both, significantly improving a space’s physical security. Here’s how the integration works.

The access control event is related to a credential user and considers potential issues with their access to a certain area. If the case of a forced entry attempt, the CCTV system captures the person or people attempting to enter the area without authorization. A security manager can take over the case and investigate the event further or report the incident to the local police.

ACL, short for Network Access Control List, is designed and used to grant or deny permissions to certain digital environments. ACL helps control traffic flow, restricting it for better network performance. It also provides security for network access by specifying which areas can and cannot be accessed by individual users.

There are two types of ACLs: filesystem ACLs, which filter access to concrete files and directories, and networking ACLs, filtering access to the network.