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Commercial alarm systems

Alarm system

We'll work with you to design and install commercial alarm systems in Ontario. Perfect for your office or business, orur experienced team will install it quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Security alarm installation services

Panopticon installers have years of experience planning, customizing and installing commercial alarm systems. From stand-alone installations to PC integrated solutions, our security alarms are lasting, reliable, and especially powerful when combined with CCTV and building security.

Panopticon installs and maintains business alarm systems for industrial facilities, warehouses, transportation companies, apartment complexes, general contractors, retail establishments, and other enterprises in the Greater Toronto Area.

We set up alarm systems in Ontario using high-quality branded equipment, testing the provided solutions to ensure they protect people and assets as intended.

Alarm system design

We begin the process by asking about your needs and inspecting your working space to understand its features. After the scoping phase, our engineers move on to design, planning the placement of crucial alarm system components.

Panopticon’s professional alarm installers carefully select and integrate each element to ensure smooth operation and reduce security risks.

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Commercial alarm systems
Commercial alarm systems

Alarm system maintenance

Besides offering top-tier installation services, we also have extensive experience with alarm system maintenance. Meticulous inspection and timely repairs and upgrades guarantee system functionality and the ability to deliver maximum security benefits consistently.

Regular alarm maintenance keeps the system operable and efficient, so schedule these checkups as often as recommended (annually or once every two years).

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Alarm system cabling

Our technicians work with Cat5e and Cat6 cables to wire your alarm.

We know how crucial proper wiring is for your project, so our approach to alarm cabling is detail-oriented. With neatly structured cabling, we can easily access system components in case of future inspections and upgrades.

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Commercial alarm systems
Commercial alarm systems

How do commercial alarm
systems work?

When a sensor is activated, the alarm system sends signals to a central monitoring station, the alarm control panel's hub. The system response depends on the programming settings, so it’s crucial to set those correctly.

The central monitoring station operates 24/7, so a dispatcher can immediately notice the alarm once it’s triggered. If the dispatcher doesn’t get notified that the alarm was false, they will alert the authorities so they can reach the secured premises as soon as possible.

In the case of a self-monitoring system, the alarm doesn’t make contact with the central monitoring station. Instead, it alerts the end user directly via text message or email. If you can be sure to check notifications and react quickly and regularly, this option cuts out the middleman. It lets you get real-time notifications about suspicious activity on secured grounds.

Types of commercial alarm systems

There are three main types of alarms: fire, burglary, and intrusion detection.

Every building should have a reliable fire system, not just because of legal or insurance requirements. This is the best way to protect premises and their inhabitants from hazard risks. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are sensitive enough to trigger the alarm, send notifications, and turn on the sprinklers as soon as they expose the risk.

A burglar alarm is the best protection from unwanted trespassing. Burglar alarms typically get activated with a code or card, after which they send out an alert whenever a person comes through the door and does not de-activate the alarm. Combining burglar alarms with strong access control will give your business the upper edge and bolster its security.

The intrusion detection systems are the most advanced alarms. They’re usually paired with a designated room from where a security operator controls what happens around your premises.

Intrusion detection systems are comprehensive and complex, so they’re suitable for large corporations rather than small businesses. A better alternative for ventures with fewer resources is modern access control, which offers advanced video monitoring and anomaly detection.

Commercial alarm systems

Alarm system installation process

Panopticon takes pride in our professional services and detail-oriented approach to every project. Our alarm system setup consists of several crucial stages:

  • Free site inspection;
  • Acquiring customer brief;
  • Planning a suitable alarm system;
  • Installing the necessary equipment and cabling;
  • Testing the system effectiveness.

Why choose Panopticon professional installers?

We understand that the security of your data, equipment, and employees are paramount for the success of your business. Our team's technical knowledge and dedication to customer service and excellence make us confident in providing the top-tier alarm systems in Ontario for your specific needs, venue, and budget.

Our decade-long experience in the field guarantees your security alarm system is expertly installed, meticulously tested, and well-maintained so that you can harness its full potential.

If you’re unsure what type of protection suits your business, turn to your Toronto security experts. Our technicians will provide expert advice and quotes within the given budget.

Benefits of working with us


Quality services

Professional alarm system installation requires detailed preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon makes sure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support when you need it most, guaranteeing the effectiveness of your alarm systems in Ontario.


Experienced team

Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle your alarm installation and maintenance, regardless of your space and budget.

Alarm system applications

Industrial sector

Panopticon provides unmatched commercial alarm systems installation, serving industries like construction, automotive, telecommunications, and computer networks. Proud of our decade-long experience, we guarantee professional-grade solutions and seamless customer support.


Panopticon is a highly rated alarm installation company. While you take care of production, supply, and process efficiency, we’ll provide state-of-the-art equipment to keep your warehouse and employees safe. Whether you need to upgrade your alarm system or want a completely new setup, our technicians will make it happen.

Smart warehouses

Smart warehouse security alarm installation demands a high level of skill and specialization. Industrial buildings and spaces can be especially tough to protect as they’re often located in remote places. Panopticon specialists have the experience and know-how to design an alarm system that surpasses all these challenges.

Distribution centres

Our skilled technicians are experienced in installing and maintaining alarm systems for logistics and distribution centres. We design your setup carefully to ensure system operability and effectiveness in the long run. We use state-of-the-art cabling to wire your alarm and provide dependable support services.

Commercial sector

Panopticon provides reputable security alarm installation services for businesses across the GTA. At Panopticon Solutions, we use tried-and-tested methods to set up the most reliable alarms for your enterprise. From site survey and design to installation and setup aftercare, our team is always here to help.

Healthcare sector

Panopticon provides professional alarm installation services to various medical establishments like hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, private medical practices, Pharmacies, and more. Our top priority is keeping your patients, staff, and important records. Request a free site inspection to get a no-obligation quote.

Hospitality sector

Reliable alarm systems in Ontario is a crucial security measure for a hospitality business that aims to thrive. Offering safety, comfort and customer satisfaction is the most critical demand in the hospitality industry, so having an operational alarm on the premises is necessary, especially for covering entrances and emergency exits.


Panopticon provides first-rate alarm installation services for the transportation industry. From engineering to system maintenance, we offer unmatched services developed from our decade-long experience. Panopticon is dedicated to using technology that fosters growth and innovation and maximizes output and efficiency.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Alarms are versatile, robust security measures designed to detect suspicious activities, deter potential break-ins, and promptly alert the authorities about undesired developments inside our outside your place of business.

There are three main types of alarms:

  • Burglar alarms;
  • Alarms for intruder detection
  • Alarms created to detect fire, carbon monoxide, and other environmental hazards.

The average alarm installation costs around $2000 Besides installation, we offer Monthly monitoring costing – $30-60.

Each alternative can be a good choice for your business because of four types of protection systems (alarms, security cameras, access control tools, and live remote monitoring). Our expert installers will assess your property, consider all relevant space features, and recommend the best option or a combination of services suitable for your needs.

Security systems are designed for crime prevention, while CCTV systems are made for surveillance and are suitable safeguards against liability.

The final choice depends on your expectations and specific needs. Panopticon helps you choose the solution that will benefit your business the most.

Wired security cameras receive power through hardwired cables directly from a power outlet. DVR systems use coaxial cables, and NVR relies on Ethernet to power the cameras and record video.

Both security cameras ensure clear video and audio signals and consistent power input and disable hackers from attacking the system over a wireless connection.