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Ontario network cabling

Network cabling

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced company to help you with your Ontario network cabling installation and maintenance? Look no further than our team of experts. At Panopticon, we ensure your network is up and running at its best. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Qualified network data cabling services

Panopticon offers professional network data cabling installation and maintenance for businesses of all sizes operating in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario.

From site inspection and network design to cabling installation and support, Panopticon Solutions brings unparalleled services to the table. As a commercial and enterprise data cabling contractor, we also provide a range of solutions that include telephone networks, WiFi, switches and routers, voice and data, and many more.

Areas We Serve

Ontario network cabling installation

Our seasoned engineers have so far installed thousands of miles of data cabling. We use CAT 5e, CAT 6, fibre optic and coax cables, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the networks we design. Panopticon’s services are tailored to fit our client's needs and quality standards, all within a budget they can afford.

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Ontario network cabling, networks installation, commercial networks installation, networks installation and maintenance
Ontario network cabling

Network data cabling upgrade

If you have an existing data cabling infrastructure that needs upgrading, look no further than Panopticon. We’ll inspect your current setup and plan further system adjustments while considering your requirements and specifications. We take pride in making informed decisions based on a decade-long industry experience.

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Network data cabling expansions and add-ons

Our technicians can handle any data cabling expansion project, and we have the tools for the job. Panopticon has a steady supply of necessary data cabling accessories and additional equipment, from connectors, jacks, and wall plates to patch cables, patch panels, and racks and cabinets. We partner with renowned equipment distributors to provide only the best to our clients.

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Ontario network cabling
Ontario network cabling

Network data cabling testing

Testing is a necessary action to undertake after installing a new data cable or when troubleshooting an existing one. We perform extensive tests on your cabling network, carefully inspecting the results to notice any areas that stand to be improved. We meticulously test your network wire map, attenuation, DC loop resistance, and return loss to guarantee data cable efficiency.

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Network data cabling maintenance

Once your Ontario network cabling is in place, it needs to be regularly inspected to perform optimally. The Panopticon support team provides maintenance services you can rely on, guaranteeing our work will serve your business for years to come. Whenever you need help or simply want to ask us a question, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Ontario network cabling

Why choose Panopticon professional installers?

Thanks to their demonstrated experience in the field, our skilled technicians and installers can have your data cabling infrastructure done quickly and professionally.

Panopticon provides top-tier installation and maintenance services so your organization can share information faster and collaborate better. We provide the foundation for reliable, high-speed connectivity while offering network optimizing services for corporate, commercial, residential, and industrial facilities.

With Panopticon’s first-rate data cabling services, you’re sure to get a fast and reliable network system that will continue to support your business growth in the years to come.

Benefits of working with us


Quality services

Ontaro network cabling design and installation require meticulous preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support when you need it most, guaranteeing the quality of your data cabling.


Experienced team

Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle your data cabling project, regardless of your space and budget.

Network data cabling applications

Industrial sector

Ensure your building is equipped with the necessary cablingby partnering, with a respected GTA contractor. Panopticon Solutions provides network data cabling options for various applications, serving industries like construction, automotive, telecommunications, and computer networks.



Panopticon is a highly rated data cabling installation company with the knowledge, tools, and can-do attitude needed to connect your warehouse. While you take care of production and supply, we’ll provide state-of-the-art data cabling. Reach out for a quick and free warehouse assessment today, followed by a no-obligation quote.

Smart warehouses

If you are running a smart warehouse, you know data transfers can save precious time and offer unique benefits to your business operations and productivity. Our expert team of cabling installers is here to create a solid foundation for your smart warehouse business's current requirements and future expansions.

Distribution centres

Does your factory have a robust, stable communication infrastructure? If not, put your trust in Panopticon, a contracting company providing unmatched data cabling installation services. Our technicians are experienced with installing and maintaining networks for logistics and distribution centres.

Commercial sector

Panopticon provides reputable network data cabling installation services across the GTA. Our knowledgeable team designs enterprise-level wiring solutions for businesses of all scales, whether you need a brand-new solid infrastructure or want to renew an existing one. We also offer commercial Wi-Fi installation services.


Healthcare sector

We’re always available to provide the information and data cabling services you need. We offer dependable, scalable solutions to help healthcare facilities with their connectivity needs, tailoring the infrastructure to mitigate potential risks and overcome limitations. Contact us today to get a free site inspection and quote.


Hospitality sector

Our team understands that ventures in the hospitality sector require stable connectivity at all times. From site assessments and planning the infrastructure to installing and maintaining your data cabling, Panopticon ensures your hospitality business is well-connected and productive.



Digitalization is making its mark on various sectors and industries, and transportation is no exception. Panopticon Solutions provides superior data cabling for the ever-evolving transportation industry. We work hard to guarantee our services are consistent of the highest quality, performed on time and within set budgets.

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Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Network data cabling is a system that facilitates communication between multiple network devices set up to share a single Internet connection. A data network cable effectively connects one device to another, including printers, computers, phone systems and the Ethernet.

Data cables pass on information by harnessing a binary electrical transmission signal between the systems. These cables are extensively used in telecommunications and computer platforms.

Data cabling is essential for connecting computer hardware components and multiple computers in a single network.

They can be used in various environments and situations. A reliable data cable allows you to send and receive photos, videos, and documents in moments.

Data cables are primarily used for internal and network communication and peripheral cabling, providing a crucial boost to your business in terms of connectivity, enhancing competitiveness, and bolstering scalability.

Network cable installation is the process of setting up an ethernet network cable to connect your data systems and network devices like routers, modems, adapters, and more. Proper installation ensures the network successfully reduces downtimes and allows uninterrupted data flow.

The data cable installation process starts with identifying a central location to terminate the cables. We choose an area large enough to accommodate the current network and future expansions.

When data cabling is subjected to harsh environmental conditions, Panopticon carefully selects cables with industrial strength properties such as flex life and resistance to UV light, cutting, abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Four types of cables are used to connect devices: shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables, coaxial cables, and optical fibre cables.

Twisted pair cables, as the name suggests, consist of wires twisted to preserve the quality of data transmission, protecting against signal deterioration. Shielded twisted pair cables (STP) are used in computer networking and telephones for data transfer over short distances. Unshielded twisted pair cables (UTP) are installed to facilitate data transfer over longer distances.

Coax, or coaxial cables, are copper wires with an internal core surrounded by an insulator, shielded to protect the communication signal from outside influences. Cable TV companies use this cable to connect satellite antenna facilities to customers’ homes and businesses.

Fibre optic cables are used by a growing number of businesses and private users, as well as telephone and cable companies. Fibre optic harnesses light pulses to transmit information, while the cable is made of high-quality insulated glass or plastic.

No specifics, small to mid businesses $3 to 10K average

If your project is on a limited budget and takes place in an environment with an existing network, for around $1,000, you can choose CAT-5 cable installation. If you want the best service and equipment available, be prepared to allocate around $6,000 for fibre optic cabling with eight connections and a dedicated patch panel.