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Office & IT Relocation Services

Moving your corporate office has never been easier with Panopticon's IT relocation services. Our team of experts can remove all your networking and security hardware, and seamlessly install them at your new office with little to no interruption to your staff's work week!

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Straightforward IT relocation services in the GTA

With Panopticon's office moves and IT relocation services, you won't have to worry about your business losing productive days. We aim to minimize your downtime and make the transition as seamless as possible for you and your staff. Our experienced team handles all of your network infrastructure, security systems and other electronics with care, making it easier for you to manage all the other logistics involved in an office move.

Office moves present a perfect opportunity to reassess your networking and security situation. For instance, did you have Wi-Fi coverage issues in the old office, is your server rack starting to get crowded, when is the last time you had your security checkup? By choosing Panopticon for your office move, you also have the perfect chance to upgrade and reconfigure your new office to have it operate more efficiently and better than before!

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Network Cabling & Fiber Lines

Panopticon IT relocation services involves working closely with your IT department to ensure that every CAT6 cable, wireless access point and fiber optic line is accounted for. Then, we configure everything in your new office to ensure that your network infrastructure is configured and customized to your business's requirements.

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Security Cameras & NVRs

Panopticon's team are leading experts in surveillance camera layout and installation. And so, with our IT relocation services, we can guarantee that the quality of your security system won't diminish in the new office. You can rest knowing that key spaces are covered and any criminal activity will be recorded. Likewise, if there are any deficiencies, we can recommend comprehensive solutions to make sure your security is a priority.

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IT Relocation Services, security camera installations, network cabling installation
IT Relocation Services

Server Room Configuration

Corporate server rooms contain countless interconnected networking devices that can be overwhelming to disassemble and prepare for transport. Luckily for you, Panopticon's team has over 10 years of networking experience and can handle server rooms of all sizes. Our IT relocation services can ensure that your your new office's server room will be running smoothly in no time, if not better!

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Miscellaneous Hardware

Panopticon's comprehensive expertise in low-voltage means that our services go beyond just network infrastructure and security systems. Everything from VoIP systems, digital displays, speakers, access control and more, fall in scope of our IT relocation services. Plus, Panopticon takes pride in being your all-in-one opticon for low-voltage integration.

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Office & IT Relocation Process

Our office move services relies on fully understanding the scope of the relocation. Starting with site inspections of both sites, we want to determinine what needs to be moved, transported, and installed, along with your timeline. We want to account for all your needs and set your business up for success in its new location.

Our technicians foster a focused, detail-oriented approach to planning and executing every office move. We’re fully dedicated to providing advanced, secure, personalized solutions for your business in the Greater Toronto Area.

Why choose panopticon professional installers?

Panopticon possesses a decade-long experience, technical knowledge, and quality equipment to provide reliable IT relocation services for commercial offices of any size. From tranferring security cameras in a warehouse, moving networking hardware for an expanding medical facility, to full corporate office relocations, we can tackle any project you send our way.

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Benefits of working with us


Quality services

Our IT relocation services requires detailed preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support when you need it most, guaranteeing the seemless transition of your office move.


Experienced team

Our Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle your IT relocation services, regardless of your space and budget.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

The scope of Panopticon’s IT relocation services refers to your offices network infrastructure, security systems and AV setups. While your low-voltage hardware will be taken care of, you will still need to source someone to handle the moving of documents, furniture assembly, provide boxes or shipping bins and/or disposal.

At this time, we offer our moving services to any business looking to relocate their office within the GTA. However, if you are outside of Toronto, you are still more than welcome to inquire. Just be mindful that we want to make your office move as smooth and efficient as possible. That is largely dependent on the distance and scope of your move.

It all starts with the initial inspection! Contact us today at or 416-613-8828 to start your IT relocation services. In order to speed up the process, providing the following information will also help:

  1. Name of company and who is the designated point of contact
  2. Address of the current location and new location
  3. Timeline of the project (When do you need the materials out of the old location, and when will everything need to be installed in the new location?)
  4. What IT equipment needs to be moved (are you reusing your old hardware, or do you need us to install upgraded equipment at the new location?)
  5. Any applicable photos or floor plans as needed

Looking forward to hearing from you!