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Server room clean-ups and installations

The last thing you want to worry about is your IT server. That's why it's important to have a professional team handling your Ontario server room installation and clean-up needs. At Panopticon, we offer various services, from server room clean-ups to installations and repairs. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Ontario Server Room Installation

Server room configuration

Panopticon Solutions provides IT server installation and clean-up services to keep your business’ data safe and organized. Whether you own a small business or enterprise, our technicians will help you configure a server room catered to your business needs.

We have over a decade of experience installing, upgrading, and maintaining server rooms for businesses in the greater toronto area. Panopticon is a company known for reliable, effective, secure, and long-lasting solutions.

Ontario Server room installations

Panopticon Solutions provides various server room-related services, including planning, setup, and components’ installation and labelling. Contact us today for a free site inspection and quote for your server room project.

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Ontario Server Room Installation
Ontario Server Room Installation

Server room clean-ups

Clean-ups are crucial for protecting your server room from malfunctions caused by airborne contaminants and dirt buildups. Our experienced team offers unmatched server room clean-up services to keep your equipment in optimal shape.

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Ontario Server Room Installation

Server room clean-up process

Your servers is working hard at all times, saving and processing company data 24 hours a day. Therefore, taking proper care of them and proactively arranging routine clean-ups is crucial. Scheduled server room cleaning maintains your equipment's health and functionality, prolonging your servers' lifespan and ensuring flawless operation.

Sometime after installation, dust and other impurities can often be found in server rooms. Dirt that finds its way into your equipment can harm it or lead to irreparable damages.

Without regular server room clean-ups, dirt deposits will create a layer of muck on server fans. This will slow down your cooling systems and diminish their efficiency.

Thorough server room cleaning using vacuums with HEPA filters is essential for equipment operation and longevity. We provide total sanitation of all areas and components, from raised floors, overhead areas and subfloors to individual electronic equipment.

Ontario Server room installation process

Our server room configuration services include choosing the right location, server type, and mounting racks, followed by hardware segregation, wire management, and cooling system installation.

  • Step 1: Choosing the appropriate server room space. Our expert team will consider all relevant aspects to ensure enough room for the necessary equipment.
  • Step 2: Set up your server room hardware. We choose the right server types, racks, cabling, electrical switches, and sockets, installing the equipment in the most space-efficient manner.
  • Step 3: Cooling system installation. We design and implement a suitable cooling system to ensure your servers operate in the right conditions and never overheat.
  • Step 4: Cable management. Panopticon technicians conduct final server room adjustments, keeping the cables neatly labelled and securely tucked away.
  • Step 5: Developing security procedures. We create an access control system allowing access to relevant personnel only, thus protecting the server room and the stored data from unwanted breaches.
  • Step 6: Setting up a monitoring system. Our team installs and tests your server room monitoring so that you can follow the activities inside effortlessly.
Ontario Server Room Installation

Why choose Panopticon professional installers?

Panopticon Solutions is run by industry experts who understand the importance of purposeful data storage and protection. From design and installation to maintenance, we offer an array of quality services, guaranteeing your server room is secure, ventilated, and accessible to the right people.

We’ll neatly organize and label all the components, so you can effortlessly find them and access the cabling. Our team sets up your Ontario server room installation for optimal area use, better airflow, and aesthetic appeal, deep-cleaning the space and components from dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants.

Benefits of working with us


Quality services

Server room configuration requires detailed preparation and an actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support, keeping your servers functional and secure when needed.


Experienced team

Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently and reliably handle your server room project, regardless of scope and budget.

Ontario server room installation applications


Industrial sector

Panopticon provides unmatched server room configuration and maintenance services, working for industries like construction, automotive, telecommunications, and computer networks. From space assessment and design to implementation, our technicians ensure your server room is functional, accessible, ventilated, and safe.



Panopticon is a highly rated warehouse server room installation company. While you take care of production and supply, we’ll ensure that your servers are secure and in optimal shape. Whether you need to upgrade your existing server room or get a completely new set up, our technicians are here to make it happen.


Smart warehouses

Smart warehouses rely on technology to streamline tasks, operating with increased efficiency and lower chances of errors. Keeping relevant business data safe and handy is essential when running such a venture. Panopticon plans and sets up your smart warehouse server rooms, keeping them clean and secure.


Distribution centres

Our technicians are experienced with configuring and maintaining complex server rooms for logistics and distribution centres. We’ll create a plan, pick the suitable equipment, neatly wire the system, label all components, and provide scheduled clean-ups to ensure your servers’ optimal performance.


Commercial sector

Panopticon provides reputable server room installation and clean-up services for small businesses and enterprises across the GTA. A well-designed server room can be upgraded as your business grows, preserving important data and making it easier to manage your equipment, room activities, and infrastructure.


Healthcare sector

Keeping patient and personnel records handy yet secure from unauthorized access is crucial for any healthcare facility. That’s why our team is here - to set up a system that always safeguards your servers. With secure and secure data, you can focus on what matters most: helping people.


Hospitality sector

From hotels, bars, and restaurants to movie theatres and travel agencies, every hospitality business needs a secure, well-maintained server room. Contact Panopticon and request a free site inspection to get a tailored, adaptable server room configuration plan perfect for your space and business needs.



Panopticon provides first-rate server room configuration services for the transportation industry. From design and setup to regular clean-ups, we offer unmatched services developed from our decade-long experience. We also effectively optimize your server room setup to guarantee you get the most out of it.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Server rooms provide a central organizational point for managing network server resources, keeping the equipment neatly stacked and safe. Server rooms store, power, and operate servers and associated hardware in simpler terms, typically serving as parts of larger data centres. Server rooms are necessary for businesses, storing essential technological equipment, keeping the data safe, and monitoring and physical access to key employees.

If your server hardware and network appliances are stacked on a desk or a shelf, it’s time to change. Your business needs and deserves a server room that’s secure, organized and scalable. Additionally, server room setups are purposefully designed to protect your equipment from overheating malfunctions and unauthorized entries.

The advantages of server rooms are valuable for any organization, from small businesses, retail stores, bars and restaurants to public sector institutions, industrial operations, and large enterprises. If your business needs to preserve and access valuable data on more than one server, it’s time to contact the experts and start planning your server room project.

Our services include asset tagging, components labelling, server room configuration, and server room clean-ups. While planning your server room space, we’ll consider all relevant aspects, so you can easily locate your equipment, access cabling, and get better airflow on less square footage. We provide everything from racks and cooling hardware to cabling and access control.

To set up a functional and secure server room, you need isolated premises, power supply access, flame and water protection, access authorization, video surveillance, positive pressure airlocks, and documentation control. The communications room should ideally be a restricted-access area protected by code or access control.

Server rooms typically include cooling, aisle containment, UPS apparatus, cooling and power systems, power distribution, monitoring, cable management, servers, switches, and fire protection system. The server room should not be used for general storage or as a general office area.

The server room should be enclosed by a four-sided concrete wall and a fire-resistant door. Ideally, the room should be positioned in the middle of your office space. This setup is optimal because it reduces the number of cables and lowers the wiring costs. Building a server room in a space with no external windows is recommended.

According to ANSI/TIA-569-D regulations, communication room ceiling height should be a minimum of 2,400 mm with no obstructions, with overhead containment having a minimum of 200 mm clearance from the ceiling. The floor should be solid, with an access door hanging outwards at least 900 mm wide and 2,000 mm high.