According to Toronto police statistics, in 2021, there were 5,768 incidents of breaking in the city area. More than 42% of the reported offences took place on commercial premises.

This alarming number represents reasonable grounds for any Toronto business owner to consider installing a reliable security or surveillance system. However, some entrepreneurs opt for a cheaper alternative: fake security cameras.

Can dummy cameras discourage break-ins and theft attempts aimed at your business property? This article discusses fake security cameras and their shortcomings, recommending more dependable security practices to protect your assets.

What are fake security cameras?

Fake security cameras, also known as dummy or faux cameras, are devices designed to resemble real counterparts without proper security cameras' functionalities.

Depending on the quality, fake security cameras can look like real surveillance systems. Some dummy cameras can pan a given area and have blinking lights to mimic the real security equipment.

However, these similarities are purely superficial. Unlike the real units, fake cameras can’t monitor your premises or create audiovisual records of what happens in the space.

Why do people buy fake security cameras?

Dummy cameras are designed to serve as deterrents to would-be thieves, trespassers and loiterers for a fraction of the cost of a real security system. Some people choose faux cameras to cut costs, while others believe having a dummy device on their premises will do the job well enough.

Unfortunately, relying on fake cameras to deter criminal activity is unfavourably for most business owners in Toronto.

Are fake security cameras worth it?

A fake security system gives the owner a false sense of security. While the sight of it can dissuade some criminals, the talented ones—those who consider themselves professionals—most likely won’t be.

Technology has become so pervasive in our lives that even children understand the basics of operating digital devices. Criminals also have exposure to the newest technology, so spotting a fake camera is often a part of their skill sets.

Even though they are cheaper than the real deal, fake cameras are a risky purchase nowadays. The financial benefits of this solution never outweigh the bottom-line, long-term advantages of a properly installed surveillance system.

Why does using dummy security cameras don't work?

Fake surveillance cameras are an alternative to real surveillance systems, but they’re not nearly as effective as the real ones in deterring crime and vandalism. In the case that a crime does occur, there is no way to collect evidence to help find and prosecute the responsible parties.

Installing fake security cameras around and inside your property harms your business more than good. Here are the three compelling reasons to avoid dummy protection and choose the real security equipment instead.

1. Criminals can differentiate real and fake cameras

Depending on the quality and cost of a fake camera, it can sometimes be challenging for regular people to recognize a dummy device. However, practiced burglars can take a closer look at the LED lights, wiring, markings, and camera motion and instantly sport what’s real and what’s not.

Seeing that your place of business is falsely protected, criminals will feel more confident about their plans. This way, dummy cameras can not only fail to deter breaking but can encourage criminals to act, which is the last thing you want to do.

2. Fake cameras can’t collect evidence

While amateur burglars might work on a whim, more astute felons never randomly choose a business to rob. Instead, they scout the potential target to determine if the heist is lucrative, achievable, and low-risk.

If they establish that the burglary is worth the effort, they might not be deterred even by the presence of cameras, be they fake or real. Unfortunately, if your cameras are fake, you won’t get the chance to record the perpetrators in the act and potentially retrieve stolen goods or receive compensation.

3. Installing fake cameras can create legal issues

Having real cameras on-premises can help lower your insurance premiums, which isn’t the case with dummy security devices. Whatever more, fake cameras can potentially cause legal trouble for your business.

Since most civilians can’t distinguish real from fake cameras, they can easily perceive your place of business with a false sense of security. Should anyone be robbed or harmed in this space, they can argue to have been misled that the area is safe, causing the trouble you and your businesses don’t need.

Why should you invest in real security cameras?

In the case of an actual burglary, video and audio footage from security cameras can prove invaluable. Without an authentic surveillance system, there will be no evidence to support your case if a break-in ever happens.

Furthermore, a security system with a DVR feature provides instant alert notifications whenever a camera detects motion. This way, you can remotely monitor your space and check for incidents on any cameras when the motion sensor is triggered.

With this level of technology, the police can be notified of a crime in progress, surprising the perpetrators while they are still committing the act.

Coupled with purposeful access control and a reliable alarm system , your surveillance setup will serve your business for years to come, ensuring your employees, assets, and data are protected at all times.

Safeguard your business with state-of-the-art camera equipment

If your goal is to protect people and inventory, investing in fake cameras is a risky move that can end up costing you a lot in the long run. A sound, reasonable solution will always rely on a professionally installed security system equipped with all the features you need to stay safe.

Don’t jeopardize your business and risk all the hard work you invested in growing your enterprise. Rely on Panopticon expert technicians to design and install high-quality security cameras suitable for your commercial property.

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