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When it comes to video installation in Ontario, quality is key. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality service and products that meet our customer's expectations. We know that video installation can be a complex process, so we take the time to understand each project's unique requirements and deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Video Installation in Ontario

Video installation in Ontario services

Panopticon Solutions is an industry-leading service provider capable of catering to all commercial video-related needs. We service various businesses in the GTA, guaranteeing results to help your enterprise thrive.

Our goal is to provide the crispest and lifelike image possible. The Panopticon team of industry professionals will help you set up an HD video system with flawless picture clarity and undetectable lag times.

If you own a new development, construction, multi-residential building, restaurant, bar, lounge or commercial office in Toronto, contact us for a free site inspection and a no-obligation quote.

Digital display installation

Rely on our LCD and LED monitors to display images and videos, web pages, menus, presentations, and more. Panopticon engineers will handle every aspect of the installation process, from equipment procurement to display mounting and wiring.

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Video Installation in Ontario
Video Installation in Ontario

Video wall installation

If you need a comprehensive video wall system for a meeting room, command room, or control center, Panopticon is here to take care of the installation process, as well as testing and regular maintenance. We provide all the equipment and set up a system according to your specifications.

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Video processor installation

Panopticon offers video processor installation services, ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the central element of your audiovisual system. Our installers work with durable, branded equipment to guarantee the ease of operation and longevity of all your video wall components.

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Video Installation in Ontario
Video Installation in Ontario

Video matrix systems

Centralize your audiovisual devices and make the content more accessible than ever. Whether you own a bar or restaurant, work in media, or have a corporate office that uses multiple devices to broadcast content, we will help you install and benefit from quality Matrix switches.

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IP video distribution

Regardless of your local or worldwide needs, Panopticon provides enterprise-wide video, audio and control. We offer the finest hardware and video installation services in Ontario, guaranteeing quick delivery and lasting results that help your business thrive.

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Video Installation in Ontario
Video Installation in Ontario

Audiovisual automation

Elevate your business to a new level and start remotely controlling various audiovisual systems and electronic devices. Whether you own a small business or enterprise in the GTA, Panopticon Solutions will provide the level of automation you seek.

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Why choose Panopticon professional installers?

The key to a good visual setup lies in the purpose of your project. This is the factor that drives the installation process and instructs all decision-making.

Once we inspect your venue and learn more about your needs, we’ll start planning the right design considering both the aesthetics and functionality of the setup.

Our experienced design team delivers reliable and creative solutions developed to offer remote support and diagnostics.

As with all of our services, we strive to use the best gear possible for your upcoming video project. Some brands we trust and continuously return to are Logitech, Epson, Samsung, Crestron, Zeevee, and Kramer.

Video Installation in Ontario

A decade of experience in video installation in Ontario

By partnering with Panopticon, you’re getting the chance to harness our decade-long experience and knowledge collected in active fieldwork. Our engineers and support agents are laser-focused on helping you achieve your objectives, guaranteeing peerless video installation services.

Panopticon Solutions’ professional video installation services include:

  • Setting up video screens, projectors, flat screen television, monitors, and other equipment;
  • Installing connectors and appropriate cabling to connect various devices;
  • Various video and audio control systems deployment.

Benefits of working with us


Quality services

Video installation in Ontario require detailed preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We provide emergency support when you need it most, guaranteeing the quality of your video setups.


Experienced team

Our skilled technicians possess the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle your video installation, regardless of your space.

Professional video system

Industrial sector

Partner with a respected GTA contractor to get video systems and services recognized in the industry. Panopticon Solutions provides a selection of top video equipment and professional services for business applications in the industrial sector. Request free site inspection and get a no-obligation quote.


Panopticon installers are highly rated video installation professionals with extensive knowledge, modern tools, and a can-do attitude. While you take care of production and supply, and we provide up-to-date video solutions for your warehouse. We make every project a success, regardless of your budget, space and needs.

Smart warehouses

Our expert team of video installers is here to help your smart warehouse grow. Whether you want to optimize your operations by monitoring employee productivity with elaborate video walls, sharing footage on digital displays around your space, or requiring any other video-related service, Panopticon’s got you covered.

Distribution centres

Put your trust in Panopticon, a contracting company providing unmatched video installation services. Our technicians are experienced with installing and maintaining video equipment and cabling for logistics and distribution centres, guaranteeing quick setup, seamless usage, and dedicated support.

Commercial sector

Panopticon provides reputable video installation and maintenance services for businesses across the GTA. Our knowledgeable team designs integrated and enterprise-level solutions for commercial ventures of all scales, setting up brand-new video systems and elevating the existing ones to perfection.

Healthcare sector

Improve patient care, promote education and training, and empower administration staff with our up-to-date video solutions. Panopticon provides professional video installation services to various medical establishments: hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, private medical practices, pharmacies, and more. Reach out and get a free quote today.

Hospitality sector

From site assessments and system design to installing and maintaining your video setup, Panopticon ensures your business can entertain its guests. Integrated visual systems provide a memorable experience for your clients in environments like restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, conference areas, hotels, and more.


We help your transportation business leverage its video systems to broadcast messages and advertisements, keeping passengers and/or employees interested and informed. Video attracts retail traffic, increases your revenue and productivity, and creates a better overall experience for your team and customers.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

A video wall is a multi-screen setup that allows video content to be displayed on all screen devices simultaneously.

Video walls are operated using a video controller and are typically connected via the so-called daisy chain method. This means that a given command (for example, turning a video on or off) works on all monitors. The displays can be LCD, LED panels, tiles, or projection screens.

A video wall is an eye-catching solution that helps your business by displaying offers, products, services, and advertisements. A video wall can also be used as a part of an elaborate surveillance system to deter criminal activities and monitor employee performance.

Video walls offer additional benefits compared to single large screens. One of the most notable advantages is greater screen area and image quality.

Video walls are found in large and small public venues, from stadiums and control rooms to hotel and library lobbies.

To set up a video wall, the following elements are required:

  • Quality digital displays;
  • Wall mounts;
  • A digital wall controller or processor;
  • A media player;
  • Appropriate cabling.

The installation starts by assessing your space and deciding on a grid style. All screens should be mounted and connected to a media player, as well as to one another.

The output cable from one of the monitors should be connected to the second one. After this is done, this step should be repeated with the rest of the displays until the system is ready.

Automation brings multiple components and devices together and keeps them controlled without an actual physical effort. Audiovisual automation can elevate your entertainment experience and control and monitor your air conditioning, alarms, and security cameras: the possibilities are endless.

Audiovisual automation typically relies on a cabling infrastructure and high-quality Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to work its magic. This means that before investing in this technology, you must ensure your wiring is neat, and your Internet connection is strong and reliable.

AV over IP, short for Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol, represents the transmission of audiovisual data over a LAN, WAN, or Internet network using specific transmitters and receivers, often called IP streamers. These sophisticated extenders use Cat cabling infrastructure but multicast data over an active Ethernet network.

AV over IP offers more flexibility and deployment options than traditional, hardwired AV. Encryption technologies explicitly developed for AV over IP provide considerable protection from hacking and cyber-attacks.

An HDMI Matrix switcher allows you to share and view any video or audio file on any display. Investing in a Matrix switcher is highly recommended for companies that require many video components like cable or satellite boxes, media servers, Apple TV etc.

Matrix switchers are essential for venues like casinos, sports bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys, as they cover multiple venue zones from a convenient location. These switchers are also used in radio and television, multimedia meeting rooms, and control centers, which makes them ideal for corporate, government, and other markets where signal management and fast video signal distribution are key.