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Video surveillance

Our video surveillance installation services can be a complex process, but it doesn't have to be. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your system is up and running. We offer a wide range of products and services that are sure to meet your needs, and our technicians are trained to handle even the most challenging projects. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Video Surveillance Installation services

Security cameras are essential for any business owner or commercial property manager. Whether you’re looking to monitor employee performance, assess quality assurance, or deter criminal activity such as theft, burglary or assault, Panopticon is your reliable security partner in Toronto, GTA and Southern Ontario.

You can trust our team of experts to design a comprehensive security camera layout for your premise, to reduce blindspots, vandalism and to maximize protection of your staff and assets. Plus, with our smart surveillance technology, you have the convenience of being able to remotely monitor your premises from a phone or computer, wherever you may be.

Security camera installation & maintenance

Our experts expertly design and deploy security systems that effectively monitor activities across your premises, ensuring comprehensive coverage. With our advanced technology, you can effortlessly collect crucial data, enhancing the safety of your property. All that data is securely collected to your NVR via PoE network. Learn more through our resources.

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Access Control in Ontario

License plate recognition camera installation

Automatically detect and capture vehicle license plates coming in and out of your plaza parking lots, condominium parking towers, toll booths or shipping/docking bays. With our accurate, portable LPR technology, you can integrate it with access control to confirm whose vehicles are authorized for parking or entry

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Motion sensor security
camera installation

Security footage can take up a lot of precious storage space. Instead, you can rely on security cameras that only record when movement in the room or area is detected. Use these motion detection features to expose intruders already inside your property or unauthorized personnel in secure areas.

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Multi-lens security camera installation

Capture multiple angles and cover more square footage of your property in one convenenient, security camera unit. Perfect for large, open areas, you can get a composite view from multiple streams, recorded with a multi-lens camera.

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Security camera video wall installation

Experience around-the-clock monitoring with comprehensive video wall technology.

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Cloud camera technology

Take advantage of the latest development in security camera tech with cloud cameras. You can leverage amazing features like keeping your recorded footage off-site, safe and accessible whenever needed to AI analytics to determine occupancy counting, real-time threat detection and more.

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Network video recorder health monitoring

With our monthly managed services, we design your security so that you can dedicate your energy to your day to day business, instead of worrying about the backend of your security system. Our team maintains your NVR in optimal shape, apply necessary updates and keep critical issues at bay.

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PTZ security camera installation

Have the flexibility of being able to change your camera angle with pan-tilt-zoom cameras. PTZ cameras easily remove blind spots and offers a large field of view. Plus, you gain the ability to remotely adjust your security cameras to look at different angles in your premise.

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Heat sensor camera installation

Conduct thorough building inspections or research with high-quality thermal cameras.

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CCTV security camera installation

Protect your assets and lower the chance of trespassing, theft or assault.

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Audio security camera installation

Capture audio while recording video footage for a complete situation overview.

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Security camera recorder installation & maintenance

Get the best DVR and NVR systems professionally set up, repaired, and maintained.

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Security camera health monitoring

We prevent your security system downtimes and malfunctions with regular SHM.

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Custom surveillance
package with professional products

Panopticon's video surveillance installation services includes all configurations for NVRs and DVRs. We provide the services of security camera installation and activation, as well as the necessary training for your employees that will use our systems.

Our diverse selection of cameras made by industry-leading brands allows us to create customized solutions for every customer’s need, preference and budget.

If you’re not sure what type of surveillance system is suitable for you, turn to Toronto security camera experts for assistance. Panopticon’s experienced technicians will offer advice and help you plan your upcoming security project.

How do security cameras work?

A security camera is a video recording device capturing footage of your property. Stored video material can be viewed on various devices using an Internet connection. Most home security cameras are motion-activated: this means they’re programmed to send an alert and start recording as soon as they detect motion.

Analog cameras record images and send signals over a coaxial cable to a DVR device (Digital Video Recorder). The DVR converts the video from analog to digital signals, compresses the file, and stores it on a hard drive.

By contrast, digital security CCTV systems record the images digitally, receiving and sending data over a computer network.

On the other hand, a Wi-Fi-connected security camera allows receiving live streaming video footage recorded on the device.

Types of security cameras we install

If you’re looking for security cameras in the two, four or eight-megapixel range, we have many options. For clients looking for high-end surveillance systems with vandal-proof, outdoor-rated cameras that provide no less than 30-megapixel images, we provide state-of-the-art equipment that can be further customized to fit the exact requirements.

Our video surveillance installation services offer security camera systems like:

  • IP Cameras
  • HD Cameras
  • 4K Cameras
  • TVI Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras

How to choose the right security camera?

To keep your property secure, pay attention to the essential features of a security camera:

  • Motion-activated recording,
  • Motion-activated smartphone alerts,
  • Video and audio quality,
  • Zoom and field of view,
  • Recording and storage (local or cloud).

Your choice of hardware will, ultimately, depend on several additional factors: what you intend to record, whether you need an indoor or an outdoor unit, at what time of day the camera will be working, and whether you will require on-premises only or remote viewing access. Our expert technicians takes these factors into account for our video surveillance installation services.

Video Surveillance Installation Services process

It takes 4 hours to 1.5 days to install security cameras on your premises, depending on how many units you've ordered and the size of your building.

We install your security cameras in the areas within and outside your property, considering your requirements and objectives. Indoor security cameras are often installed on the ceilings or walls, while exterior installations are usually performed on the soffit of the residence.

We’ll adjust the position of each camera before setting it, paying close attention to running the cables in a way that doesn’t disrupt the space or spoil its appearance.

Areas We Serve

Surveillance camera installation for your

Supervise your place of business

We help you keep an eye on your small business, a retail shop or a large corporation. With Panopticon, your property is in good hands.

Monitor your residential property

Panopticon provides security products and services for residential spaces of all sizes, including multi-storied residences and large estates.

Oversee your industrial enterprise

We install video surveillance systems specifically designed for factories, manufacturing companies, industrial plants and warehouses.

Why choose panopticon security


Quality services

Security camera installation requires detailed preparation and actionable strategy. Panopticon is here to ensure your project gets both.


Emergency support

With Panopticon, help is never far away. We install quality security cameras and provide emergency support when you need it most.


Experienced team

Our skilled technicians possess the experience to efficiently handle your security camera installation project, regardless of your space and budget.

Video surveillance applications

Industrial sector

Video surveillance is a reliable way to oversee and influence productivity, safety, and effectiveness of staff and operations at production lines, plants, factories, and mills. Panopticon Solutions offers video surveillance systems for various industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, and many others.


Monitoring who comes in and goes out of your warehouse helps you keep an overview of merchandise, discourage stealing and corruption, and detect any damage to the goods. Panopticon installs high-quality video surveillance cameras that allow intrusion detection, access to multiple sites, and footage retrieval for validation purposes.

Panopticon, oil & gas network installation

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas companies also need robust surveillance solutions and that’s where Panopticon comes in. Our video surveillance solutions allows you make the most of total site visibility and real-time updates. Easily access your footage remotely and ensure that your site is a safe and productive environment for your workers.

Distribution centres

Our technicians are experienced with installing and maintaining video surveillance systems for logistics and distribution centres. Inspect equipment, validate stock movements, supervise employee engagement, and prevent theft with a versatile remote monitoring setup designed for your specific needs.

Commercial sector

Panopticon provides video surveillance solutions for businesses of all scales across the GTA. We can help you protect your enterprise inside and out, collect evidence for potential injury claims, and lower your insurance premiums.

Healthcare sector

Video surveillance is extremely beneficial for healthcare facilities. It allows monitoring patients, employees, and visitors, identifying malpractice, and more. Panopticon is here to provide the information and assistance you need.

Hospitality sector

High guest turnover and multiple entries and exit points make overseeing your bar, restaurant, or hotel harder than it needs to be. Panopticon’s modern surveillance solutions are a crucial asset for businesses in the hospitality sector.


Panopticon surveillance cameras help you oversee mobility environments, so you can benefit from centralized monitoring packaged into a scalable, flexible solution guaranteeing a high return on investment.

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

If your primary concern is security, point the cameras to the entrances and place them in the garage. If you want to monitor employee performance, consider adding a few cameras to the areas where they commonly congregate. The ideal camera location depends on factors like lighting and environmental conditions.

Take your time when positioning your security cameras to avoid blind spots. Keeping your outdoor cameras elevated will keep them out of range of vandals. If your surveillance system is wired, plan your camera location to be near a power outlet.

Remember that surveillance cameras should never be pointed toward light sources, windows, or in the shade looking into well-lit areas.

Business monitoring usually costs between $40 and $120 per month, while the cost of home security systems adds up to between $10 and $50 per month. The price depends on the amount of the equipment and how advanced the surveillance services are.

The hardware typically costs around $3,000 on average

No, Panopticon Solutions doesn’t currently offer monitoring. After you purchase a surveillance solution and we install it at the desired location, you will be monitoring your premises.

Panopticon installs surveillance hardware with an alert feature that will warn you once motion has been detected through one of the security cameras. You can use your DVR to inspect the activity recorded at the time of the alert to take appropriate measures depending on what you observe. 

With our remote view and mobile view features, you can remotely access your DVR and inspect the surveillance footage from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet access.

Vandal-proof cameras are not indestructible, but some can withstand a great deal of force or exposure to external hazards, depending on their IP rating. 

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating or standard is a two-numeral grading system. The first number indicates the protection of an individual or operator against live or moving parts and the protection of the security camera from contact with a solid material. The second number indicates the surveillance camera’s protection against exposure to fluids or immersion in water. 

Similar to the IP system, the NEMA rating classifies the protection of electronics against comparable hazards while also specifying the product’s resistance to corrosion and exposure to environments containing explosive agents.

A low- to mid-quality camera model can last approximately five years on average. A higher-quality security camera can last about a decade. However, it is not uncommon for some of the best surveillance cameras in the industry to last longer than ten years.

Panopticon sells a wide array of surveillance camera models, except for some of the lower-quality units. Here are some of the cameras we provide: 

  • Weather- and vandal-proof security cameras;
  • Analog and HD security cameras;
  • Bullet and dome security cameras;
  • Night vision and infrared security cameras;
  • IP security cameras;
  • Fish-eye 360-view cameras and
  • Miniature security cameras for hidden surveillance.

In the case of a surveillance audit, the client already has a security system in place. Panopticon technician visits the location to determine the system’s effectiveness and recommend possible upgrades. In a site inspection, the client has no surveillance technology and seeks guidance to make the best choice for their needs.

Both the site inspection and surveillance audit are cost- and obligation-free.

DVR is an acronym for Digital Video Recorder, a device that records and stores images and video footage captured by a surveillance camera. DVR is more than just a recording and storage device—it’s a piece of equipment that converts the electronic signals into a digital form so they can be displayed as images and video on a monitor.

The DVR contains video management software and can have many features that allow the proprietor to monitor their premises without hiring a monitoring company. 

One such feature is motion detection, which sends the client a notification every time the security camera detects movement. Another example is remote monitoring, which lets the customer view live camera feeds of their property from anywhere in the world.

An NVR or Network Video Recorder is a device that connects directly to a network, working with IP surveillance cameras to record and store captured video footage. NVR also possesses video management software. 

Unlike DVR, NVR can’t be used with Analog CCTV or HD CCTV surveillance cameras. Instead of connecting with the cameras, it connects directly to the network. NVR has no video capture card, the hardware required to convert a signal into digital form. 

When an NVR is used, the digital signal conversion happens inside the IP camera, and the footage is sent to the network to which the NVR is connected to.

No. IP cameras can only be used in conjunction with an NVR, whereas Analog CCTV or HD CCTV cameras are used with a DVR.

We highly recommend the installation of surveillance cameras on the property’s exterior, but the decision is ultimately up to you. 

We recommend such placement because security cameras are an excellent crime deterrent when visible. Also, installing cameras outside the premises will give you more time to contact authorities in case of an attempted break-in. 

In the case of retail space, commercial property or office, we recommend that surveillance cameras be installed in the interior of the premises as well.