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Panopticon Solutions is a leading surveillance and network
system integrator based in Toronto. We offer state-of-the-art
design, upgrade, installation, and maintenance services.

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Custom solutions for your business

Panopticon has been providing its clients in the GTA for nearly a decade with high-quality technical trade services. We built our reputation on expertise, innovative solutions, and dedicated customer support.

Our expert designers and installation specialists build comprehensive solutions for your commercial space: from security cameras to network cabling and everything in between.

Network cabling installation services

Network data cabling installation & maintenance

Panopticon’s technicians skillfully work with CAT 5e, CAT 6, fibre optic and coaxial cables to handle network cabling projects of any type and scale.

Structured cabling installation & maintenance

We provide first-rate structured cabling services to deliver faster, more reliable data transmission and higher bandwidth, fostering growing needs.

Fibre cabling
installation & maintenance

Panopticon installs durable fibre optic cables resistant to outside noise and influences, providing higher bandwidth over distances of up to 40 kilometres.

Wireless network
installation & maintenance

We help your business harness the full potential of purposefully designed, dependable wireless connection, providing support with every step.

VoIP cabling
installation & maintenance

Panopticon technicians set up your VoIP phone system that lets you experience unlimited local and toll calling and call forwarding using your existing Internet connection.

Security system installation services

Video surveillance

With Panopticon’s smart NVR and DVR surveillance technology, you can remotely monitor your premises from a phone or computer anywhere in the world.

Security installations

Our security experts team installs tailor-made access control systems, providing bespoke services that meet your business’ security objectives.

Device monitoring

We keep your network video recorder in optimal shape and critical issues at bay.

Server room installation services

Panopticon specialists possess demonstrated experience in providing reliable server room installation, configuration, clean-up, and maintenance services.

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Audio & video installation services

Our professional team will help you set up any AV system, from intercoms to live events or entertainment systems, ensuring crystal-clear sound and flawless picture clarity.

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Video conferencing solutions

We will help you design, install, and maintain the perfect video conferencing system for your needs, guaranteeing superb audio reception and video quality.

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At Panopticon, we’re aware no two solutions are the same. We treat every project with
dedication and diligence, guaranteeing lasting, long-term results.

Request free site inspection for your Toronto venue and get a no-obligation quote. We’ll
scan and analyze your setup to design a made-to-order solution that fits your needs.

Industries we serve


We design custom solutions for real-time monitoring of your fabrication and assembly lines, enabling information sharing and informed decision-making.

Property management

Panopticon systems provide daily oversight of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, helping you mitigate risks and protect the value of the real estate.


Surveillance is key to completing construction projects on time and within budget. We help you keep track of all processes for optimal efficiency.


Panopticon Solutions is a professional, trusted partner helping the canadian government sector navigate the intricate technological and security advancements.


Security-related and technological needs of the healthcare industry are at an all-time high. We help your organization implement solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Public sector

The role of technology has become critical for educational institutions and the public sector. Panopticon offers systems and services to protect invaluable people and resources.


Condo-living just got a whole lot safer. We help you expand basic security activities by providing real-time surveillance insights to protect yourself or your tenants.

Retail & hospitality

We secure your hotel, restaurant or retail store by helping you monitor lobbies, corridors, parking, and other areas to ensure a safe environment for your guests and staff.

Why choose panopticon?

The best service

Panopticon Solutions provides superior services for network cabling, security, and access control systems. We consistently focus on the big picture, recognizing opportunities to integrate cutting-edge solutions for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Professional assistance

Our expert technicians offer professional assistance in every process stage, from system design and installation to regular maintenance.

Support and guarantee

We also provide on-site and remote support and guarantee a three-year warranty on most of our hardware.

Our premium partners

Trusted by over 100+ corporations

Solve any doubts

Frequently asked questions

Panopticon is certified by the Canadian Security Association (CANASA), which has developed industry standards for fire codes and low-voltage and other safety regulations.

All Panopticon solutions are full-service packages and require professional installation. They can’t be installed individually without qualified supervision and assistance.

Panopticon products and systems are sold with a two-year warranty that covers hardware-borne defects or malfunctions. It doesn’t cover physical damage caused by weather or other external forces.

Our services include no monthly charges or hidden fees. You’ll only be asked to deposit a one-time payment, which will cover the purchase of the security system and its installation.

A security system for a business typically costs between $3,000 and $10,000, hardware and installation included. However, for larger enterprise companies, the costs are usually 10% of the gross revenue to better safekeep equipment and stock.

The best protection systems generally fall into one of four categories: alarm systems, security cameras, access control tools, and live remote monitoring. Since certain features of these systems can overlap, our expert installers assess your property to recommend the best option for your needs.

Security systems are designed for crime prevention, tracking potential intruders and providing real-time updates. CCTV systems are made for surveillance and are suitable safeguards against liability.

Security cameras rely on hardwired cables to receive power. DVR systems use a coaxial cable, while NVR systems depend on ethernet cables to power the cameras and record video.

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