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IT Relocation Services

Panopticon can transport and reinstall your business's networking and security systems to you new office.

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Cloud storage

We set up your secure cloud storage, so you can easily access, manage, and share files with clients and collaborators.

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Automation services

Make the most of your business processes with unmatched automation services offered by the well-coordinated Panopticon team.

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Google Nest pro

Our technicians professionally install your Google Nest Pro, helping you manage room temperature and curb energy expenditures.

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Cannabis industry solutions

We design and install customized, integrated production line systems that ensure production efficiency and quality of cultivated goods.

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Panopticon has been building efficient networks and setting up reliable security systems for almost a decade. Our additional offer includes automation services, audio and video solutions implementation, handling cloud storage requests, and more.

Our experience, knowledge, and support are always at your disposal. Detail-oriented approach, technical expertise, and dedication to excellence made us one of the most successful and trusted industry players in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud storage allows secure, off-site keeping of data accessed using the Internet or a private network connection. Cloud storage is also helpful for archiving data that doesn’t require frequent access but needs to be kept safe.

There are four types of cloud storage:

  • Private or enterprise cloud storage, where data is stored on an organization’s intranet and protected by a firewall;
  • Public cloud storage, hosted by a chosen solution provider;
  • Hybrid cloud storage, which combines the features of private and public cloud storage;
  • Community cloud storage is a flexible option for health, financial, and legal sectors.

The best cloud storage platforms are Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, iDrive, and Apple iCloud Drive.

Google nest thermostat E is a device that allows you to change the temperature in your working space from a remote location, which helps you save energy, time and money. Unlike the base version, the Pro device is intended for professional installation only.

Depending on the distributor, Google nest thermostat E pro costs around $250 without installation fees.

If you are looking for a reliable thermostat with remote control, Nest Pro is a smart choice. It will help you balance your energy use and lower the power bill, making your life much simpler.